The Millcreek Township Sewer Authority was incorporated in 1956 under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act of 1945. The Authority was formed to plan, finance, and construct sanitary sewers in Millcreek Township. The Sewer Authority has administered expansion of the original sewer system by land developers and has also constructed Authority sewer projects.

The sewer system provides for collection and transmission of sewage, with treatment at the City of Erie Waste Treatment Plant. Sewage flows from Summit and Fairview Townships are carried through the Millcreek system in accordance with agreements between the Townships.

The Millcreek Township Supervisors operate and maintain the sewer system under a lease agreement with the Sewer Authority. Semi-annual debt service payments are made by the Supervisors from sewer fees paid by the system's users. The Township employs fifteen people to operate and maintain the system. The Sewer Authority office staff consists of 4 full time personnel.

The sewer system contains approximately 376 miles of sewers and 43 pumping stations. The sewers range in size from 6-inch to 48-inch in diameter. 

  • 254.1 miles of gravity mains
  •   94.2 miles of laterals
  •   18.5 miles of forcemains
  •     7.4 miles of low-pressure forcemains


  •  179.5 miles of VCP gravity mains
  •    66.4 miles of PVC gravity mains
  •        .2 miles of DIP gravity mains
  •        .9 miles of CI gravity mains
  •      7.0 miles of CONC gravity mains
  •        .1 miles of Steel gravity mains
  •      8.2 miles of PVC forcemains
  •      8.0 miles of HDPE forcemains
  •      6.1 miles of DIP forcemains
  •      3.6 miles of CI forcemains


The Millcreek Township Sewer Authority meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of each month at the Authority office. Meetings start at 4:30 PM.

Millcreek Township Water & Sewer Authorities
3608 West 26 Street
Erie PA 16506
814-835-6721    Fax: 814-835-6615