The Millcreek Township Sewer Authority is a municipal authority formed according to the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act. A municipal authority is a government agency founded by a municipal entity (Millcreek Township) to meet some specific need of the founding municipality. It is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the founding municipality and is a separate legal and functional entity. A municipal authority, by law, is a non-profit entity, receives no direct taxpayer funding, pays no sales tax and is eligible for low-cost financing and grants that are available for government entities. A municipal authority isn’t controlled by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, but rates must be set according to state standards for municipal authorities. We are required to meet all standards for public safety and environmental protection as regulated by state and federal environmental laws.

In this way, a municipal authority is able to run in a cost-effective and efficient manner that results in affordable rates for public services such as the sewer services that Millcreek Township provides. The Millcreek Township Sewer Authority is able to work directly with ratepayers (sewer customers) to meet their needs and to develop partnerships and cooperative programs with neighboring municipal sewer systems. Millcreek Township Sewer Authority customers benefit not only from our status as a municipal authority, but also our business-like approach to fulfilling our responsibilities.

Notice: The Millcreek Township Sewer Authority is currently hiring a Civil Project Engineer. Resumes are due by May 16th. See Details.

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MT          Millcreek Township
EPA         Environmental Protection Agency
DEP         Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
PMAA       Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association

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